DI Domenica Delago, Architect since 1999, TU Graz


I N T E R I O R   D E S i G N 

"Between Boarded Floor and Chandelier"


about Domenica: If you desire your home renovation to be done without much dust, just relax and enjoy Domenica’s temperament. A character sparkling with many words and gestures, a thousand ideas and steps… all this benefits the conversion of your home. When you get to know Domenica you’ll see that it will take only a little effort for you to execute your project. Domenica has made our home to what it is!


Domenica about herself: I have a love of interior spaces! They are just like people. It doesn’t take much to create a different impression. Rooms undergo my hairstyling, my clothing… I create a story around a project so as to elaborate a thread for it to have continuity and solidity. I’m a very direct person. Some can’t handle this, but I like it that way.

When my ideas run wild, I might speak too much at times, but I’m getting better! I’m happy to have an expert-network. I know that it keeps!